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Jessica Reid

I am Jessica Reid and have been in the industry for over 10 years. I love helping my clients achieve their hair goals. I specialize in natural lived-in-color. Color that you had when you were a kid. Low maintenance color that you don't have to come to the salon every 6-8 weeks for but more like every 6-8 months. I love when hair grows out beautifully and effortlessly. No two heads are the same. I use various techniques and formulations to get the perfect look for the client in my chair. I am now using all organic and holistic products (that actually work!!) by Simply Organic Beauty and OWAY Organic Hair Color. It is very important to me to take care of my health, your health and the health of the Planet Earth.

All new clients need to make an appointment for a consultation first. This can be done through FaceTime or zoom as well. This is to discuss your hair goals and to create a plan to achieve these goals in a realistic manner and while keeping your hair healthy. I look forward to meeting you and going on your hair journey together!